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Thread: A question about font discovery.

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    A question about font discovery.

    How might one figure out which package in the Synaptic Package Manager contains a particular font (typeface)?

    I'm interested in finding Vivaldi and Book Antiqua, but I'd rather not install every package that may contain either of them.

    I've installed the msttcorefonts package already. (Microsoft True Type core fonts.)

    It's been said elsewhere that typing, fonts:///, while focused on any file browser, should lead to a fonts-folder of some kind, from which particular fonts may be dragged; but that doesn't seem to work for me.

    In the case of simply typing while looking at a file browser, after typing, fonts:///, and pressing enter, nothing at all happens. The little box I was typing in just goes away.

    In the case of pressing Ctrl-L to use the text-based location bar in a file browser, after entering, fonts:///, the computer tells me either that it can't find the folder, or that Nautilus can't handle it.


    Please ask for any further clarification. For I must, oh I must have those fonts.

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    Re: A question about font discovery.

    Alright. Since none of you scum would help a fellow out, I figured I had better get on my **** and hunt up those darned fonts.

    In the Semantic Packet Manager, looks like the fonts are in the Miscellaneous - Graphical sections. (There are some language translation packages in the Miscellaneous - Text Based sections.)

    Well, forget the sections. Search (Look in: Description and name) for font. If you Look in: name, enter ttf, or t1, or xfonts (for X11, I guess), and that'll get most of them. Lucida fonts (Search, Look in: name) start with sun. There're some others floating around in there somewhere.

    Still don't know what's in most of them, though. How about hunting up the file name on the internets? That ought to do it. With some help from the lord, maybe.

    Love ya.


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