So I have an old computer that I am looking to add into my home theater system. My multimedia system (and probably many of yours) is a large collaboration of various components acquired over several years. The main problem I have with it is that several different components control the speakers which are located in different rooms. The major problem with this is syncing up music in two rooms on different hardware. I always get some delay problems. Basically I want this multimedia PC to replace a receiver that I have and a couple of sonos boxes ( The receiver currently controls a set of 5.1 speakers and manages the inputs of a DVD player and a cable box. The sonos system controls three sets of stereo speakers in separate rooms. I want to have the PC control all 12 speakers.

I was thinking that I would pass the video from the DVD player and cable box directly to the TV and then manage the sound all on the PC but I am a little worried about sync issues between the TV and speakers. Also I am wondering what people use to connect speaker cable to a PC. I would without much thinking just splice the cables together but I think there has to be a more elegant method. Any thoughts about the system are all welcome.