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Thread: Just a dumb networking question.

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    Just a dumb networking question.

    I have a 4 port router and 4 wired clients.

    If I get a 5th, I understand I need a switch.

    But say I plug the switch into one of the ports on the router. That leaves 3 open ports on that router. Granted, it makes sense to only have the clients connected to the switch... but... can you, technically, still have clients plugged into the router as well as clients plugged into the switch?

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    Re: Just a dumb networking question.

    yes you can..

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    Re: Just a dumb networking question.

    yes you definitely can!

    A Router is basically used to connect 2-3 or more subnets together where as a switch is used to form a subnet. So it's Ok if you still want to connect a few clients to the router directly.


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