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Thread: [SOLVED] mplayer memory leak

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    [SOLVED] mplayer memory leak

    I'm using mplayer-nogui version: 2:1.0~rc2-0ubuntu13+medibuntu1 on Ubuntu 8.04 64bit, and my graphic card is the internal Intel G33.

    The last two movies I've watched (.mkv x264 720p) started lagging after a while and then I had to end the process from System Monitor. I watched the process in system monitor and just after a few seconds memory starts building up fast. I've seen it go as high up as 1.2gb before I have to end the process and restart the movie.

    I haven't had this problem before but I haven't made any changes either so I have no idea what the problem might be.


    There is a memory leak in libass

    The solution is to disable *** subtitles which can be done by adding this to your config:



    Ubuntuforums decided to censor my edit. *** should be ssa backwards.
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