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Thread: execution from fat32 drive

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    execution from fat32 drive

    I am running Hardy and XP in dualboot on thinkpad t61. Everything is working beautifully except for one thing. I have a windows nfts partition, a linux ext3, a linux swap, and then a shared fat32 partition for my data.

    The problem is that I cannot execute files from the fat32 partition. I have succesfully compiled e.g. c++ code on the drive, but i cannot run the compiled program. If I move the binary to my home on the linux partition, everything works fine. I have also tried to run the binary from a fat16 usb stick - also without problems. As far as I can see, the permissions are set correctly in fstab which automounts the drive on startup.
    This is done with
    /dev/sda5 /media/DATA vfat users,umask=0000,auto 0 0

    The permission for the program (sum) I want to run are
    $ ls -l sum
    -rwxrwxrwx 1 root root 10742 2008-07-04 17:26 sum

    And the running of the program returns
    bash: ./sum: Permission denied

    Also as root
    $ sudo ./sum
    sudo: unable to execute ./sum: Permission denied

    Does anyone have an idea what the problem might be?

    In summary, I
    1) have the right linux file permissions
    2) can read, write, compile on the fat32 drive
    3) can execute on ext3 and usb-stick
    4) I canNOT execute on fat32

    Would appreciate any kind of help or suggestions

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    Re: execution from fat32 drive

    Found the solution already

    in fstab add the option exec:

    /dev/sda5 /media/DATA vfat users,umask=0000,auto,exec 0 0

    a good way to check the status of all partitions is with
    $cat /etc/mtab


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