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    I just downloaded Links2, the text and graphics browser, from the repos out of curiosity, mostly.

    Well - I must say I'm impressed ... then again I've only used it for all of five minutes. Maybe I'll be less impressed in a day or two.

    In any case it's superfast and unlike other text browsers it displays some graphics. It seems perfect for people like me who are stuck with dial-up service.

    Is there something I'm missing here? Any problems with Links2 that I should know about?

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    Re: Links2

    well, I try Links2 on my ClI distro project. I feel it is a bit buggy, and sometime it freeze there, and if you are only in CLI mode, you basically can't do anything but restart. I will stick with links, but yes, I do think Link2 would be great, if it work out perfect without any problem.


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