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Thread: Installation of SAS for Linux on Ubuntu?

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    Question Installation of SAS for Linux on Ubuntu?

    I am slightly uncertain where to post this question, but since this is about my personal use of Ubuntu as a desktop, I thought this area would be appropriate.

    I am considering moving to Linux for all my dekstop needs. I have played around with various distro's and the time for my final decision is near. Ubuntu is obviously one of the prime candidates for my desktop.

    There is however a proprietary application that I use a lot, namely SAS. SAS has a Linux version, but they specify on their web site that it can only be used on Red Hat Linux or SuSE Linux. Does this really mean that I cannot run SAS on Ubuntu at all?

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    Re: Installation of SAS for Linux on Ubuntu?

    Why don't you try to install it?

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    Re: Installation of SAS for Linux on Ubuntu?

    It may or may not work, you'll only know after you try running it.

    If they distribute it in RPM format, you can try installing it with alien:

    sudo apt-get install alien
    sudo alien "your_rpm_package_name".rpm
    sudo dpkg -i "your_brand_new_deb_package_name".deb
    If they provide source, you can download & build from that.

    If I were you, I'd build it & see what happens.
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