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Thread: Your Favorite 2D Linux Game

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    Your Favorite 2D Linux Game

    The community 2D game list so far:

    Special Mention (via Wine or requires hardware openGL)


    I am currently searching high and low for great 2D games for Linux. By 2D games, I mean games that do not require Direct Rendering.

    "In the age of 3D gaming, and with great 3D games for Linux like Tremulous, Nexuiz, Gridwars, and Frets on Fire, why look for 2D games", you may ask. For a few simple reasons:
    • You have an old PC with a Riva GFX card
    • Worse, you are cursed with a SiS graphics card
    • You believe that great games can be made in 2D (ex. Castlevania. Just think about all the great games before 3D cards came into view)
    • You believe some games would've looked better if it had been done with 2D sprites instead of crappy 3D models/engine.
    • <Insert 3D game here> focused on graphics but forgot all about gameplay and design)
    • Nostalgia

    And on and on... Each of us may have different reasons if and why we like 2D games. I would've added a poll, but as of this moment, there are but a few 2D games I know of. Also, I know there are a LOT of "clones" out there. In helping promote originality, I would also like to ask about good (not necessarily great) but ORIGINAL 2D games as well.

    So I'll begin with a few suggestions:

    • BattleTanks - Overhead shooter similar to the NES game Battle City where you kill other tanks, change tanks and get power-ups
    • Frozen Bubble - Like Bust-a-move. Excellent graphics.
    • Pingus - Similar to Lemmings, but with Penguins instead.
    • Ri-li - Quite original and polished. It gets a little repetitive after a few levels though.
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