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Thread: Voice Chat failure in DDO

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    Voice Chat failure in DDO

    Hello, all. I've already followed some of the excellent threads here on how to install DDO onto an ubuntu system (10.10) and gotten it up and running with the pylotro launcher.

    The only glitch I've found is that I don't receive voice chat. Has anyone else experienced this or found a way to fix it?

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    Re: Voice Chat failure in DDO

    I noticed the same thing tonight on my system. I'm currently running Ubuntu 10.04(Lucid). I know that I'm also not able to play any other audio, while ddo is running. I would have thought that the voice chat would be integrated with the other audio in ddo. But if it sets up a different system for voice chat, it might be the same issue. Any help would be appreciated with this.

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    Re: Voice Chat failure in DDO

    I am having this same problem and any help would be appreciated. I too am using 10.10 and am pretty new to Linux.


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