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Thread: Skip/Jump Forward/Back problems

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    Skip/Jump Forward/Back problems


    When a show is recording the skip forward, jump forward works fine. I'll start watching an hour long program after it's been recording for twenty minutes and I can skip through the commercials perfectly. However when I click into a fully archived program the skip function does not work at all.

    I'm using a M1330 as a frontend and a put together desktop with normal parts for the backend.

    Everything else works great.

    To watch an archived show I have to use an outside player through the network completely independent of Mythbuntu.

    No skip function really sucks!

    Anybody suffering like me, or have a possible solution?

    Thank you!

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    Re: Skip/Jump Forward/Back problems

    I am having exactly the same problem and it has started all of a sudden for no reason at all

    Skipping in live TV or delayed live TV works pretty much fine.

    But skipping in the playback of a show that has finished recording is completely broken. Forward skip greater than 3x causes the program to hang for around 10 seconds, before it exits back to the main menu. Backward skip does not work at all (also causing a hang and crash back to the main screen)

    Anyone have any ideas! Seems like a decoder problem. I have made no alterations to my system other than system updates from the ubuntu repos since the problem began.


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    Re: Skip/Jump Forward/Back problems

    Have you tried the optimize option under "advanced" in MCC?

    If that doesn't work, maybe running mysqlcheck would help. See this link for more details:

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