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Thread: Installing packages offline ?

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    Installing packages offline ?

    Hello Ubuntu Community !

    My name is Albert Kam.
    I'm new to Ubuntu, and i intend to try out Hardy soon.

    Anyway, i dont have any internet connection at my home, but my office does. So in order for the ubuntu pc at my home to have the latest updates and also to have other packages, what approaches are recommended ?

    I can think of several things, but the best that crosses my mind is this :
    * Download all updates, the packages (with all of their dependencies) from the office, and install them at my home.

    But the next question is this .. How do i get a list of *.deb files for the latest updates and the packages ? I mean if i'm going to install kmplayer or something, it's gonna be quite a lot of dependencies which are automatically downloaded if we've got internet connection.

    I know there are some very helpful add-on CDs, but they dont always serve our needs.

    Please share your thoughts.

    Albert Kam

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    Re: Installing packages offline ?

    Maybe this is what you need:
    Disclaimer: Yes I usually talk crap


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