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Thread: Update manager stopped working!

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    Update manager stopped working!

    Hi all:

    My update manager stopped working a few days ago. No idea why. Just decided to check manually for updates and found 45 of them with about 113 MB total file size. Please let me know if this "feature" was introduced as a result of a previous update or something I did could have caused it. (I don't think so.)

    Also, OpenOffice 3 and FireFox 3 are still not in the repositories. Any idea when they will be there?



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    Smile Re: Update manager stopped working!

    In Hardy I have on occasion had the update manager not work, but a manual in the terminal update or synaptic reload fixes this,try the update manager now and see if it is working, you might make sure the notification area from add to panel is on your panel. As far as OO or FF3 I am not sure.

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    Re: Update manager stopped working!

    Well, thank you. It appears to be temperamental, too. The other day, the "updates are available" icon showed up. When I clicked on it, the update manager started, but could not come up with the dialog box to enter the sudo password. The round and round going "wait" icon kept going round and round until I killed the process many minutes later. Clicked on the update icon and the sudo password dialog came up in a flash. Go figure!

    And the updated completed fine.



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