friends,I have a new pc with p5sd2-vm mainboard.Now my question is the network card(sis191)can't work.I have modprobe sis190 module(the driver for sis190 ond sis191).But when I use pppoeconf for adsl,I have a error message "sorry,I scanned 1 interface,but the Access concentrator of your provider did not respond.please check your network and modem cables.Another reason for the scan failure may also be another running pppoe process which controls the modem"

First,I sure adsl is OK,because I login it with window xp at this pc.Second,I try it "ps -aux|grep 'ppp'",but nothing running,so the second reason is impossible.

Now,it's so tired.I must find message with window xp and try it in debian after rebooting pc.

Someone can give me a hand.