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Thread: Internet too slow

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    Internet too slow

    Last night I had enough of the constant crashing and BSODs of Windows, and decided to try Ubuntu (8.04 Hardy Heron). I burned the LiveCD, and liked it. Today I installed, and like the stability (and desktop effects).
    (introduction over)

    However, the internet is painfully slow. I have to load a text-only Google cache just to read anything. Oddly enough, the internet worked well when using the LiveCD, and all Google pages load nicely (not just the search).

    I tried disabling/blacklisting ipv6, using OpenDNS servers, but none of these appear to work. In fact, I had to boot into Windows to type this since it was so slow.

    Does anybody else have this problem? Does anybody know a fix?
    Any help appreciated.
    Last edited by notyetroot; July 14th, 2008 at 08:40 PM. Reason: Changing the MTU helped. If anybody else has this problem, type "ifconfig eth0 mtu 1200" at a terminal.


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