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Thread: Suspend to ram Thinkpad T61?

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    Suspend to ram Thinkpad T61?

    Hi does anyone know tutorials for suspend to ram on thinkpads other than thinkwiki's. I have tried everything on Thinkwiki and nothing works for me

    PS: T61 - 7664-18G
    c2d 2Ghz
    2GB ram
    nvidia quadro NVS 140m
    Ubuntu 8.04 hardy heron

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    Re: Suspend to ram Thinkpad T61?

    They all worked for me and I have the same basic hardware. Although I have a 6460-64G so there has to be some superficial difference that breaks things for you. With the lenovo.fdi tweak outlined here (, I have the latest EnvyNG drivers and both suspend to RAM and suspend to disk (hibernate) working perfectly.

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