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Thread: Easy Ubuntu: Graphical tool to setup Multimedia, WEB plugins and more!

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    Arrow Easy Ubuntu: Graphical tool to setup Multimedia, WEB plugins and more!

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    Easy Ubuntu is an easy way to make Ubuntu usable in few minutes. This a graphical tool for begginers.
    With Easy Ubuntu you can use Ubuntu as your main system without any knowledge about Linux!

    (This is a French outdated screenshot but Easy Ubuntu is translated in English and many other languages)

    Easy Ubuntu allow you to:
    * Add extra repositories for installing a lot of additional software.
    * Install multimedia codecs for reading all videos, musics and DVDs.
    * Activate the "audio preview" feature in Nautilus.
    * Active DMA if possible
    * Install the most needed Firefox plugins: Flash, Java, Real, videos. Adds Microsoft fonts, GNOME's Firefox buttons, officials Firefox icons.
    * Install archiving support for RAR, ACE and 7ZIP.
    * Install aMule,a clone of eMule.
    * Install the Skype voice-over-IP software.
    * Install AMSN cvs with webcam support.
    * Active the num lock at system startup.
    * Install the NVIDIA or ATI driver for 3D support.

    A "Remover" is provided.

    Get Easy Ubuntu 2.4 beta3

    To run Easy Ubuntu
    * Double click on EayUbuntu-2.4beta3.tar.bz2
    * Click on the "Extract" button in file-roller
    * Go to the created "EasyUbuntu" directory
    * Double click on EasyUbuntu
    * Nautilus ask you what do you want, click "Run"
    * EasyUbuntu ask your password
    * Fill the form and follow the instructions

    * Kubuntu users can use the exellent Easy Kubuntu (translated in French and English) by Olwin
    * Experimented users would take a look at Automatix a powerful script who allow to install lot of softwares not included in Easy Ubuntu !

    Please go to the official Easy Ubuntu forum for help and support
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