I'm having a strange problem with all my computers that are running ubuntu...
After I do a lot of operations with files (like copy, compilation, etc), anything that makes use of the cache, makes the computer ran out of memory!
Well, I do not get any error! It will just not let me open any new applications...

Here an example that just happen:
I did compile a big project with Maven2 which downloaded a lot of files... Right now I get that my computer is using 72% as cache and 22% by programs... (By the way, I've 3GB of memory in this machine).

All seems fine, at least with the open applications like firefox that I'm using to write this new thread. The problem now is that I can't open any new applications, and that includes a simple terminal window!
Nothing that is not in memory already will start!

Does anyone knows for how long the cache system keeps the allocated memory?
Is there a way to make it release it back?

The compilation has ended for quite some time, all the files have already been written to the disc and I still don't have my memory back...
The only solution is to restart the machine.

I'm having the same problem with other machines that are running ubuntu too. All with 8.04 with the latest updates...

Any suggestions?
Any know Bugs???

BTW, I've been "googling" and searching in the forum but I did not find anything like it...