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Thread: Shortcut to game file

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    Shortcut to game file

    Well I finally got all this stuff working, I installed Enemy Territory and can run it fine. Here's the problem, though. If I go into my enemy-territory directory and access the shell script 'et', everything goes fine. However, if I go through the K Menu to the Enemy Territory shortcut, which points to the same exact file, the game not only asks me to make another user account but also prevents me from auto-updating the game (it even tries to download files I already have). If I try to run the 'et' command, the same thing happens. Any ideas?

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    Re: Shortcut to game file

    Sounds like the game stores its files in the working directory.
    You could try this:
    Create a file called in the game directory.
    Put this in it:
    cd /full/path/to/game/directory
    (obviously change the path) then run
    chmod +x
    to make it executable.
    Change the KDE shortcut to point to and it should work.

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