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Thread: Droid Fonts (Android Fonts)

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    Droid Fonts (Android Fonts)

    So I've seen some folks using Droid Sans (from the Android font family) as their primary UI font in Ubuntu/Gnome. I've got the Android fonts installed, but when I try and use them as a UI font I don't get Droid Sans, I get the default generic sans-serif font!

    The font is installed correctly (i think) as it shows up as a font I can pick from and also it renders perfectly in Open Office. I updated my font cache like this:

    fc-cache -f -v
    Is there anything else I need to do to get the Droid fonts working? I'm also having some issues with some the MS-Core fonts as well but I figure that what's wrong with one my shed light on what's wrong with the others.



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    Re: Droid Fonts (Android Fonts)

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