Hey guys, maybe someone can help me out with a general movie question. I'm building out my DVD library that i'm using to access via a NMT (network media tank, awesome BTW). Currently, it doesnt have a very nice frontend for accessing movie meta data, but it does give you the ability to create your own custom listing via a webpage.

My goal is to populate my dvd list using data grabbed from IMBD, or collectorz.com (ex: http://www.collectorz.com/connect/mo...5th-hour-2002/

SO with that said, has anyone set foot down this path before?

Right now the way i envision my route is to wget the index page of the movie i want (see output of the link). Grab the relevant data via a regex expression. Place the data in a comma seperated file, then run a script that parses that data into a local db on my webserver. Then when my NMT accesses my movie listing, spit out the relevant data.

I'm a beginner with regex, but have a book that will probably get me through this exercise. Just wondering if anyone has done this already.

OR is there a program that does this? Im basicaly looking for cover art, plot summary, actors, and other general data.