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Thread: Info and help for HP TX2500 Series

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    Re: Info and help for HP TX2500 Series

    I tried the steps one more time. (I did the original initrd to make sure that I removed the thermal file.

    I'm still getting the trip_point issue on boot at (69 C). If I go back and set the boot to acpi=off again the new kernel loads fine (minus the acpi / wireless).

    I appreciate the time you have taken - I won't be able to reply for about a day.

    I have the tx2525nr - latest ubuntu
    uname -r 2.6.24-19-generic

    The only thing different in my menu file is:

    kernel		/boot/vmlinuz-2.6.24-19-generic root=UUID=8c5aa53d-de77-4cb9-8a7d-9190d4a90d9c ro xforcevesa noapic

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    Re: Info and help for HP TX2500 Series

    You could also try altering parameters of thermal module:
    $ modinfo thermal
    filename:       /lib/modules/2.6.24-19-generic/kernel/drivers/acpi/thermal.ko
    license:        GPL
    description:    ACPI Thermal Zone Driver
    author:         Paul Diefenbaugh
    srcversion:     484C09AEA5B2FE85E9747E6
    alias:          acpi*:LNXTHERM:*
    depends:        processor
    vermagic:       2.6.24-19-generic SMP mod_unload 586
    parm:           act:Disable or override all lowest active trip points. (int)
    parm:           crt:Disable or lower all critical trip points. (int)
    parm:           tzp:Thermal zone polling frequency, in 1/10 seconds. (int)
    parm:           nocrt:Set to take no action upon ACPI thermal zone critical trips points. (int)
    parm:           off:Set to disable ACPI thermal support. (int)
    parm:           psv:Disable or override all passive trip points. (int)
    Parameters like nocrt seems to be relevant. You could try altering them by editing /etc/modprobe.d/options file in the root filesystem or in initrd.

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    Re: Info and help for HP TX2500 Series

    EDIT: Please see more detailed explanation here.

    You could also try the following boot options (i.e. arguments for kernel command line, *NOT* for options file):
    	thermal.act=	[HW,ACPI]
    			-1: disable all active trip points in all thermal zones
    			<degrees C>: override all lowest active trip points
    	thermal.crt=	[HW,ACPI]
    			-1: disable all critical trip points in all thermal zones
    			<degrees C>: lower all critical trip points
    	thermal.nocrt=	[HW,ACPI]
    			Set to disable actions on ACPI thermal zone
    			critical and hot trip points.
    			1: disable ACPI thermal control
    	thermal.psv=	[HW,ACPI]
    			-1: disable all passive trip points
    			<degrees C>: override all passive trip points to this value
    	thermal.tzp=	[HW,ACPI]
    			Specify global default ACPI thermal zone polling rate
    			<deci-seconds>: poll all this frequency
    			0: no polling (default)
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    Re: Info and help for HP TX2500 Series

    kv11, this seems like an even more direct approach to the thermal module... plus it's completely nondestructive so I'll try the auto detailer's saying of "the least aggressive method first."

    I'll try the following boot options when I get off of work (should be very redundant but sometimes that is necessary like with noacpi acpi=off):

    thermal.nocrt= (wait a sec, what value do i put here?.. sorry if this is a newb question)

    If that fails, I'll try editing the thermal module...and if that fails I'll try Astronomy's method... btw did that actually work for booting up with wifi/sound/anything else that require acpi?

    Oh, does anyone get a kernel panic if they boot with JUST noapic? I can only get it to work properly with both noapic AND acpi=off. Just acpi=off results in the shutdwon. I've got a CTO tx2500z with the 2.4Ghz ZM-86 processor, 3GB RAM.

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    Re: Info and help for HP TX2500 Series

    kv11, you're a God send !

    I added the following lines to /etc/modprobe.d/options file :
    (Edit: corrected options from option as per tC_Crazy)

    options thermal.act=-1
    options thermal.crt=-1
    options thermal.nocrt=1
    options thermal.psv=-1

    (I removed the line "option later on)
    (tC_Crazy - a bit of googling lead me to how to specify .nocrt value)

    Also, I added noapic to kernel boot option.

    Now bluetooth is working ! No more full-speed fan noise ! Yeah !

    I can see suspend icon on the log-off window (haven't tried).

    My machine became a bit sluggish, I suppose some other services / processes are now turned on and running.

    Wireless light is blue, and you can turn on and off, but it is wrongly recognized as a BCM4315. I don't see any AP with Wicd.
    After sudo modprobe wl, do a dmesg and you'll see it is assigned as eth1.
    For some reason, I still see ndiswrapper as a loaded module, despite of the fact I completely removed. What's with ? Let me tweak around a bit more...

    No sound yet. I'm gonna try irq_debug, irq_balance, irqfixup, etc.

    My TX2500 is much better than before ! Thanks !

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    Re: Info and help for HP TX2500 Series

    isachan, I'm not positive if this is correct, but since the tx2000 and tx2500 use the same RealTek driver, I'm going to assume that they have the same sound card. If so, the info in this tx2000 sound card thread may help...

    By the way, any luck with the active digitizer (pen) or touchscreen?
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    Re: Info and help for HP TX2500 Series

    I hate to sound rude but I'm just having trouble following all these threads. I can't really understand whats going on. So can we start from the beginning. I have a tz2524ca and I would like to install Ubuntu. I am getting errors but can I just get an an in one explanation covering everything that people have encountered starting with just getting it installed.

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    Re: Info and help for HP TX2500 Series

    I'll give you the run-down. The tx2500z has a problem in a component called ACPI which causes it to report very very high temperatures to Ubuntu. Ubuntu, in turn, shuts the system down to save the processor from overheating and damage. However, the processor isn't really overheating... it's just sending the wrong temperature.

    So, if we turn off a component called ACPI (the one that deals with thermal management, among other things), we can boot into Ubuntu. The way to do this is insert the CD, select English, and Press F6 (this lets you add boot options). Add "noapic nolapic acpi=off" to the end of that line, and hit enter.

    This will let you install and run Ubuntu. HOWEVER, turning ACPI off disables many things, including the sound card, touch screen, wireless, blutooth. Plus, the fan will run at 100% all the time.

    In order to remedy this situation, we follow the instructions given by isachan to change the settings within the THERMAL MODULE that is a part of ACPI. By overriding the Thermal Module settings, we will keep ACPI (and our Wifi, BT, sound, etc.) and avoid the premature shutdown and high fan speeds... I am about to test isachan/kv11's instructions and will report back soon if it worked for me or not.

    Good luck.

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    Re: Info and help for HP TX2500 Series

    After much fanfare, I believe I'm at the same point as isachan here. After trying his settings for /etc/modprobe.d/options (by the way, each line should read OPTIONS not OPTION... that threw errors in boot and the lines were ignored).

    Next I tried the initrd method exactly as described earlier in this thread. Still nothing. Then I went into /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist and added the line blacklist thermal.

    My only boot option was nolapic (noapic throws a kernel panic)

    BT works, WLAN light is on (still needs drivers), it displays battery conditions, and fan speed is reduced.

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    Re: Info and help for HP TX2500 Series

    Outstanding!! Thanks everyone for the help.

    In order for me to disable acpi option I followed the initrd instructions to remove thermal.

    Added the thermal options to /modprobe.d/options file

    I too had to also add blacklist thermal to get things to boot.

    I can no boot with acpi=off.

    Wireless is working as well (BTW I followed these instructions using the 2d option -

    Sound still isn't working - I tried the following:
    1. Open alsa-base configuration file:
    gksu gedit /etc/modprobe.d/alsa-base

    2. Add this as last row of file:
    options snd-hda-intel model=hp

    The mute button is working but still no sound.

    Once I get sound and the touchscreen (anyone have any luck?) I can say buh bye to the vista partition.

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