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Thread: [SOLVED] how to run BMPx player

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    Question [SOLVED] how to run BMPx player

    ok, so from the beginning of the beginning of my use of UBUNTU i have been looking for a good media player (winamp doesnt work with wine for me) to replace my previous windows player, audacious did it for a while; but i like having an already there list of all the songs/media that i have on my drives already there. So anyways... my question is how to run BMPx player after i have already installed it from add/remove programs, what would be the terminal code, and what is the code (not specific of course just an outline) to run any other program for that matter, if you can give me one. and secondly i was wondering how to put a clickable desktop icon for a program.
    Apreciate all the help (loving ubuntu, although still frustrated by noobishness XD)

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    Re: how to run BMPx player

    Well i found out how the run the program.... it was as simple as putting in bmpx into terminal, by itself... now i feel stupid... anyways just an fyi for the noobs like me...

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