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Thread: 10 problems in Ubuntu

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    Re: 10 problems in Ubuntu


    Some of those points are valid, but GRUB, for example, I have had no problem with.

    Fedora is generally "bleeding edge," while other distros work with more stable junk.

    I do not know. I have been bouncing around between distros on a whim.
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    Re: 10 problems in Ubuntu

    Quote Originally Posted by Dixon Bainbridge View Post
    Computers arent logical. They never work properly. They will always need tweaking. They are a law unto themselves. Accept it. Its easier that way.
    i agree, but we don't need to make it harder, on principle, for those who are inclined to invest their efforts in other activities, is all i'm saying. so, for a distro like ubuntu, which is setting out to make things easier for the general user, it makes sense to look critically at those things that still stick out as obvious needs. if my neighbor had to edit his xorg.conf file, just to get a 1280x800 resolution, he'd be doomed (see sample conversation below).

    my neighbor: i downloaded this program, but it won't work.

    me: have to install it first, chief.

    neighbor: oooooooooooooh.

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    Re: 10 problems in Ubuntu

    Quote Originally Posted by Dixon Bainbridge View Post
    Show me an OS where you couldnt write a ten point list of things that needs fixing? Hell, I could write a 400 point list on OSX, XP and ubuntu each.

    And the term "user-friendly" should be wiped from the face of the planet. There is no such thing. There is familiar and unfamiliar. Learning makes things become familiar. Don't take time to learn something, then it stays unfamiliar. End of.

    You hit the nail on the head.

    A small story that happened me recently:

    I bought a "media-center" PC, built myself from scratch, with the idea of running Ubuntu. It was a MSI board, a AMD Phenom and two 500GB disks.

    I had a old 80GB HDD lying around, so I figured out I'd install Windows on it for gaming. Long story short, the install CD (which I bought legally!) didn't boot. It hung at detecting hardware. Luckily, I can google and found a solution. And don't even get me started on my 4000+ points list against Windows, which I did repair for a living during years.

    If I had bought a pre-made PC with Windows on it, this would have not happened, and appeared that everything "just worked", which it doesn't.

    The key is that a normal Joe-average would NEVER install an operating system himself. I know at least 20 people, who do not know how to install Windows either, why do you think they'd have more luck with Ubuntu?

    I'm amazed on how many people rant about Linux being difficult, if Windows is just as difficult for the average Joe. Give me a pre-made PC, and Ubuntu will be fine...

    But the most important part: Use what works for you. I have requirement Windows could not meet, so I use Linux. Others have requirements that only work in Windows. To each its own. Ranting won't help anyone - not even Microsoft.

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