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Thread: How to Disable VGA?

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    How to Disable VGA?

    Hi, I have a new Ubuntu user and I have a ATI Radeon 8500 LE video card. I am using the radeonDriver and I would like to know what I need to write in my xorg.conf to disable it displaying it in VGA. Here's how my thing is lay out.

    VGA and DVI is plugged into a single monitor.
    The reason for having VGA plugged in because this card is old, that it won't post BIOS screens or anything before loading up the system with DVI, hence VGA is needed in order to display those stuff.

    I want it to display through DVI once Ubuntu is loaded up.

    So far whatever I tried, it still uses my VGA connection to display and not DVI first.

    Because in Windows, it was fairly easy and I just had to disable the display through the ATI advanced display settings.

    Any way to solve this?

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    Re: How to Disable VGA?


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