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Thread: Lost 3D capability.... trying to aoid complete reinstall

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    Lost 3D capability.... trying to aoid complete reinstall

    Hey yall, here's what happened. I had Compiz running perfect, the ATI catalyst and driver runnin fine for 3D rendering to be able to run cairo-dock and the cube and all that wonderful stuff, then I did something bad. I went to add a second monitor, just to play around with it cause I couldn't leave well enough alone, and now I have some real problems. I cannot get the ATI catalyst to work properly at all, I have lost my 3D rendering, and the ATI driver I downloaded from the ATI site weeks ago when I got it all working is no longer installing properly. My question is this: is there a way to completely remove all of ATI's stuff and reset all the display things to a barebones fresh install without actually reinstalling Hardy and starting from scratch? I tried
    dpkg-reconfigure -phigh xserver-xorg
    already with no satisfactory results. Any help is much appreciated, I am lost on where to go next

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    Re: Lost 3D capability.... trying to aoid complete reinstall

    It might help to use envy and tell it to automatically configure your ATI card. Install envy with:
    sudo apt-get install envyng envyng-gtk
    then run it with:
    sudo envyng-gtk
    and select the option for auto-configuration. Envy's usually pretty smart about what it does and might be able to solve the problem on its own. In a worst case, envy provides a go-back option, so you can always undo any changes it makes.


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