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Thread: a media centre that works?

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    a media centre that works?

    hi all,

    until yesterday i was happily running kubuntu feisty and freevo 1.7.3

    i decided i'd upgrade to hardy (via upgrading to gutsy) and that all seemed to work. however, i then find out that my freevo installation was broken.

    i've tried reinstalling freevo, and have given elisa and xbmc a go as well. i haven't been able to get any of them to work properly, and am struggling to find any decent installation guides for any of them at all.

    all i'm after is a pretty basic media centre application, which will allow me to play my avi files.

    as an aside, there is a bug in alsa for my on board sound, so i'm using oss instead. does this limit my choice of media centre at all?


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    Re: a media centre that works?

    I was using this for a while.

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    Re: a media centre that works?

    actually, i was in the same boat as you. I managed to get the xbox media center working. I did further research and it is open source created by people on their free time.

    I was basically looking for a linux software which will play xacti hd1000 videos and this one plays them just fine. the xacti hd1000 files are 1920x1080 i or p and it is just awsome to see it running on my desktop. I am planning on buying a xacti hd1010 or a hd1000 this thing plays dvd's too.

    here is the tutorial
    go to system->administration->software sources

    click on third party software and add these two
    close and reload

    open terminal and enter this
    sudo apt-get update

    and now to install
    sudo apt-get install xbmc

    you can launch it in applications->sounds & Video xbmc

    or in terminal type xmbc

    There are tons of skins, and tons of plugins and I mean tons. you just need to look very hard.
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