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Thread: MP3/CD Player for partially sighted person

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    Wink MP3/CD Player for partially sighted person

    SHORT STORY: I am looking for an MP3/CD play for a partially sighted person. It really needs to have (or be able to be skjinned with this) very large, simple controls and a play list.

    What do you reommend?

    Long Story: My daughter's drum teacher is almost blind, but needs to play backing tracks to help students preapre for drum exams. His CD player broke, bought him a new DVD player (you cannot buy a CD player!!) that had a decent sized display (not great though). Did not work as the CD jumps when two drummers are thrashing away. Lucky enough to get money back on that. I suggested a "solid state" device, hence here I am looking for a player that has a large display, simple controls and play list (about 10 tracks).

    Any help would be appreciated


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    Re: MP3/CD Player for partially sighted person

    I'm thinking Audacious running under icewm (only thing that starts) and running in double mode. Just trying to find a really nice and clean XMMS/Winamp skin that would be easy to find the buttons. Anyone have anything.
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