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Thread: iTunes with hardy?

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    iTunes with hardy?

    Is there a way I can get iTunes to work with hardy heron? I tried using Wine but it doesn't recognize quicktime and iTunes won't start without it...

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    Re: iTunes with hardy? is the place to go to check for that kind of thing generally. Specifically shows bronze level compatibility, so you should be able to get it working at a basic level, but not great.

    You may want to get the latest version of wine for Ubuntu by following the instructions here:
    It adds the wine repository so you get updates just like to other software.

    I tried installing iTunes once in the past and I think it installed for me, but I didn't bother with it since I don't really want iTunes or Quicktime. I'm not sure what you mean by doesn't recognize quicktime. You'll have to be more specific about what you tried and what errors you got I guess.


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