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Thread: Combine projects to make one even better project

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    Re: Combine projects to make one even better project

    Quote Originally Posted by cardinals_fan View Post
    This is what I was getting at. I don't want to use either rpm or deb package management, and I don't see how unifying on either is a good idea.
    not saying that they should unify, just stating that they shouldn't had separated in the first place.

    the whole rpm vs deb is just frustrating for users and developers alike.

    when there are no standards, devs are just plain confused where to go to and how to archive it. They scratch their thing nothing else.
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    Re: Combine projects to make one even better project

    Banshee and Rhythmbox come to mind.

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    Re: Combine projects to make one even better project

    Quote Originally Posted by aysiu View Post
    And if the new projects were forked off GPL'ed projects, all the changes they made in the new project would also be GPL'ed, so the people working on the old project would have access to those changes and could incorporate those changes if they so desired. That's the beauty of open source.
    Yes, yes. I've said nothing against forks. Most of them are made for a reason, and some of them turn out to be excellent. Ubuntu is, again, a great example.

    All I want is for programmers, who realize they want a feature that no application offers, to ask themselves: "Is there an already existing project which I could join to achieve this feature? Must I start writing code from scratch that does what I want or can I just add some code to an existing application?"

    At the same time, I want developers who are working on a project to think, "How can we make it easier for new developers to join us? Do we encourage others to get involved with our project?"

    There are times when to start new projects, when to fork old ones, and when to contribute to old ones. The GPL makes it easy to do the two former, whereas the latter require a certain level of cooperation. I believe that almost every project would benefit from having a clear policy on how to welcome new developers.

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