I'd like to set up Samba so I can share folders from Ubuntu To XP. I know how to edit the smb.conf to add my workgroup name and I know how to share the folders (I sudo nautilis and right click the folder and click share).

Now I want to do something like this, for example if a user is logged on the Windows machine they have different permissions on accessing the samba share based on the machine they're on.

So example for me on my Windows machine my username is Vince and I have a password. So if I log onto Windows I would like to see the shared folders from Samba but as I'm logged in as Vince I should be able to read and right.

But if another user logs in with their Windows username I would like them to be able to read the Samba share but not write. Is it possible to do this, because I can when Vista is workgroup server.

Please let me know if you require anymore info.