This could turn out to be a lame question however with some searching resulting in no answers, I come to the forums.

I am currently in the process of backing up old windows documents to fresh install ubuntu linux 8.04. Now... I know the install will work well with linux running perfectly as I've tried the LiveCD already. Here's the old junk it'll run on:

IBM Thinkpad T23 Laptop (No built in wireless)
CPU: 1.13Ghz
HD: ~30GB
RAM: 512MB

Thats probably the most important information. Here's the deal though, I'd like to apply some nice effects like transparencies and the like to the ubuntu interface and wonder, is my hardware reasonable to run it? I'm not looking at the cube or anything I KNOW will need a 3D card etc, just the nice simple things. Will this still be too intensive for the laptop ill be running ubuntu on?

Thank you very much for the help, and sorry in advance if this has been gone through already, my forum search skills must be lacking. Thank you once again!