I've searched and searched and searched and searched and searched, and I'm having trouble.

As many of you know, recent versions of Windows Media Player have in the sync mode a feature called "Shuffle" which randomly selects music out of your entire library to be copied onto a portable device, SD card, etc.

There are a few problems with it, of course, first being I'd have to reboot into Windows just to shuffle onto my GoGear, but also such things as:

  • Either you can have it shuffle to a very specific folder hierarchy that is not likely to work with your device, or you can turn this off, and have it fump the whole thing on the root level of the device. Not good for most players. I've looked and looked, and apparently WMP doesn't allow one to simply TELL it where to shuffle the music. Obviously this is too convenient a feature.
  • This shuffle deletes any and ALL audio it finds on a device, whether you want it deleted or not, before syncing.

What I want, therefore, is to find a player that can do this "Shuffle" feature, for Linux. Pluses, of course, would be things like allowing me to set the folder it syncs to and NOT stupidly deleting any and all audio it finds.

Any suggestions?