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Thread: Google earth on ubuntu?

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    Google earth on ubuntu?

    when i was using gusty, i installed google earth using automatix
    now, i dont think theres automatix on hardy

    is there any other way to install google earth?
    i tried the one from the site and i also downloaded it from synaptics buy couldnt find it

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    Re: Google earth on ubuntu?

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    Re: Google earth on ubuntu?

    I believe its in the mediabuntu repository if you add that you can install it with apt or synaptic.

    Also, you can always download it from Google and install it.

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    Re: Google earth on ubuntu?

    This was a post from today:

    Added: this link provides instructions to install from synaptic after repositories are enabled. The way to add the repositories to sources.list changed recently. These are the correct procedures.
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    Re: Google earth on ubuntu?

    you could go here:

    and install it manually
    But also, the mediubuntu repositories have it in them, just add this to /etc/apt/sources.list for the mediubuntu hardy repos:

    deb hardy free non-free
    deb-src hardy free non-free

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