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Thread: Screen wont turn back on

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    Screen wont turn back on

    I'm running 8.04 on an older Compaq laptop. I decided to run a clean install since I had just been upgrading for the last 3 releases.
    Anyhow, If I let the screen go blank/shut off when I try to turn it back on all I get is a blank screen. The back lights come up, but I get no actual Display.

    Any Ideas or other Information that I can give?

    Oh, It's an Nvidia card and it did this both before and after I installed the proprietary driver.

    Makes me miss my old Centrino lappy. No graphics acceleration but the hell if it didn't always work..

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    Re: Screen wont turn back on

    I have the same problem on thinkpad r60e, so I guess it's not an nvidia problem. It began after I updated to Hardy, as I wrote here:

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    Re: Screen wont turn back on

    I have the same problem with an HP DV6000 laptop. This started when I upgraded to Hardy. I then did a fresh install and I am still having this problem. Seems like hardy broke something just haven't figured out what just yet.
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    Re: Screen wont turn back on

    Sounds like this needs to be reported as a BUG.


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