I'm reviewing mysql clients for power users and haven't been impressed. What good clients can someone recommend?

The default client from mysql, QueryBrowser,is weak and won't suit our needs. We have very complex multiple queries and need to see where they crash, when they crash. Querybrowser won't show the return message history.

We use to use Sci Bit's mascon, but it got outdated when 5.0 was released. Their replacement product is shoddy compared to their new one.

I kind of like AquaFold's client, Aqua Data Studio. Its what I'm looking for. But I was hoping for something open source.

Linux did me proud. We moved our servers from Win2k to Ubuntu, I still have employees on WIndows boxes and they need a good client to work with.

I own a small datawarehousing company for oil and gas data. Our workload is kind of heavy, we have something over 20,000,000 records that we screw with and have high standards from a client.