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Thread: Wireless Networking Question.

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    Wireless Networking Question.

    First, click here. I'm wondering if anyone has ever had this set up. I'm not trying to do this for revenge or to get back at a neighbor, I want to do it because I want to see if I can learn anything important from it. I've always been kinda on the weak side when it comes to networking, that's another reason for my curiosity. If anyone might know or have any suggestions as to where to start to try to learn this on my own, please help.
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    Re: Wireless Networking Question.

    There's loads of guides and tutorials all over the Internet, just get reading.

    and don't forget the man pages.

    In terms of equipment, all you need is a practice PC with two (or more) NICs, a few network cables and a switch/router, even a simple hub would do to begin with. I would recommend that you use an old PC to practice on. It doesn't need lots of memory or even a quick processor. Once you have built up some ssh skills it doesn't even need a screen.
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