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Thread: monitoring network traffic/events?

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    monitoring network traffic/events?

    I have a question regarding the monitoring of incoming and outgoing internet events on my system.

    I use Guarddog as my firewall and have for a long time, preferring it to Firestarter. This is just MY personal preference so I'm not interested in a drawn out debate on the merits of one firewall over another. I do though, like the way Firestarter reports in real time any unsolicited access attempts as well as which IPs and their clients are currently using any active open port/s.

    Is there a program for Hardy which I can run which will provide a similar real time monitoring service like that currently provided in Firestarter? Something which doesn't take a degree in computer science to install, run and most importantly, one that provides a data set that's fairly easy to interpret.

    I did find a program which appears to provide the kind of service I'm interested in but it's currently in a early alpha stage Watchdog I'd prefer something more established, possibly some application that already tried and true and resting in the Ubuntu repositories?

    Any thoughts?


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    Re: monitoring network traffic/events?

    You might want to check out "Wireshark".
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    Red face Re: monitoring network traffic/events?

    Quote Originally Posted by lisati View Post
    You might want to check out "Wireshark".
    Thanks, I downloaded it from the repositories.
    So.... I don't suppose you now know where I can find a noob friendly tutorial to using this app?

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