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Thread: Lots of DVDs to be converted, Help?

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    Question Lots of DVDs to be converted, Help?

    Hello! Everyone, I am a college student and planning to go back home in vacations. I have a good collection of DVDs of all my college functions but I can’t take them all with me and I also want to show them to my family. Is there any possible way to convert all my DVDs to Zune, so that I can take all the stuff along with me? Thanks for any help.

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    Re: Lots of DVDs to be converted, Help?

    You could use DvdFab Platinum it has a zune converter that program will cost money! Or you could use Handbrake a Free and very stable/very good video converter.

    Fab will work with Windows and possibly Ubuntu through Wine, Handbrake started with Mac OSX, But there is a very stable windows version. There was a Linux version but I do not think its supported anymore.

    Good luck.



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