So me and my friend are selling our eeepc 701s this summer, both of us were aiming at getting those fancy 901 models with bigger screen and intel atom cpu goodness instead of our "old" models. However Dell has announced their "e" series, and MSI has announced their wind series and a bunch of other netbooks are on their way.

Now why would I contemplate another series instead of 901? because of the price of course! 559$ is a bit too steep for a "ordinary" netbook and now I find myself unable to decide which model to go for... I can wait til new years eve as that is when I'll need one for my final essay.

Which one would you recommend for me? The only thing I'm looking for is the resolution (at least 1024x768) and as much cpu power as possible. if the battery lives for ~2 hrs then I'm content (I can always scurry and find a place for a powercord)