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Thread: Firefox 3.0 won't run

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    Firefox 3.0 won't run

    I recently upgraded to FF 3.0, first using the download from Later, it was updated by the Update Manager to full 3.0. After a while, it was updated again by the Update Manager, and suddenly stopped working.

    So then I get panic.

    I started trying to remove/install/remove/install. sometimes in different places, sometimes using the terminal, sometimes using the Synaptic Manager, sometimes using the Archive Manager. What I seem to have now is a mess of Firefoxes spread all over the HD, and no way to sort it out. Is there any way I can just wipe out all of the Firefoxes on the HD, and just start again? Of course, I'd like an easy way, but anyway will be OK with me. I just want FF back.

    I'm posting this to the Mozillazine forums also in the hope I might find some help there, too.

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    Re: Firefox 3.0 won't run

    Hi there,
    The download from, You would just have to delete the files from where you extracted. For the firefox from the repos, you can do apt-get remove --purge firefox and remove your .mozilla/firefox directory in your home folder... although, really, you only need to delete the profile directory in ~/.mozilla/firefox. Also, if you start firefox through a terminal, what errors do you get?

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