The Ubuntu Local Community Team of NH is presenting a four-part film series, of
"BBS: The Documentary". The film will be shown at the HoloDek gaming center at
8 Merrill Industrial Drive in Hampton. Each of the four chapters will be shown
through July on the Wednesday at 7:00 PM.

Film website:
HoloDek website:
HoloDek phone: 603-758-1010
Cost: $3

July 9. First in a four-part series. "Baud" introduces the story of
the beginning of the BBS, including interviews with Ward Christensen
and Randy Suess, who used a snowstorm as an inspiration to change the

July 16. Second in a four-part series. "Sysops and Users" introduces
the stories of the people who used BBSes, and lets them tell their own
stories of living in this new world.

July 23. Third in a four-part series. "Fidonet" covers the largest
volunteer-run computer network in history, and the people who made it
a joy and a political nightmare.

July 30. Fourth in a four-part series. "Artscene" tells the
rarely-heard history of the ANSI Art Scene that thrived in the BBS
world, where art was currency and battles waged over nothing more than
pure talent.