Hey guys.

I have before crossed paths with SQL (MS-SQL, PostgreSQL, MySQL) and found it very interesting.
So i was wondering if anyone know a good book or books to read up on the following.

*General database info.
*Database Design
**How to create a ER diagram.
**How to create a EER diagram from your ER diagram.
**How to create a RDS from your EER diagram.
*Creating stored procedures.
*Get more in-debt with SQL code

And anything else where you can say, "if you want more into databases you need to know this".

The database i'am most interested in is PostgreSQL, so also if their is a good book out their on how to manage and maintain such a database that would be awesome.

My current knowledge of SQL is
*design creating (but would like a reference book)
*SQL code beginner level (with a good understanding of joins)

Thanks on advance.