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Thread: 12.04 - too slow?

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    Unhappy 12.04 - too slow?


    I've upgraded to Precise last thursday (the day it was released) from the update manager.

    There are some things that work better. I could install and run Digikam (which I couldn't in 11.10), and run apps like gnome-tweak-tool (which didn't work with my 11.10, I don't know why).
    It's also great to have some updates that weren't available before.
    First, there's a little problem with Unity, which someone already described here
    The hide/unhide dock features is not working well. That's enough to make it almost unusable. Anyway, I usually use Gnome-Shell: lots of extensions aren't working, but probably it's just a question of time for them to be upgraded.

    But the worst: wehn running LibreOffice, it's really, really slow. I'm working on a big file (more than 200 pp. with some images) but, before, it worked smootthly.
    Now, it's really too slow. If I delete a word, I have to wait three to five seconds to see it on the screen.. not to mention scrolling and refreshing the text when scrolling just one line below!

    I also tried it with the lightweight desktops (Lubuntu and Xubutu) which I have installed. But that's the same!

    First, I thought that it was because I installed Tracker. But I stopped all the Tracker processes and it all stayed the same. I didn't unistall Tracker, however. But I'm affraid it's not from there.

    This made me return (Temporarily, I hope! ) to good old Mac OS, always working. Which is a pitty, because I became fond of Ubuntu and open-source software.

    So, does anyone find that Precise is slower (much slower) with PPC's? Is there a reason for that?

    Linux Mint 17.3 running on my AMD A8-6600K desktop; .Ubuntu 15.10 running on a Intel i5 6200U @2.30 GHz laptop

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    Re: 12.04 - too slow?

    Update: I removed Tracker, and LO is still too slow. Nothing changed, it wasn't tracker's fault.

    I also tried two other softwares: Abiword and Calligra. Abiword crashes (I didn't even try to open the document).

    Calligra opens the document, but even slower than LO.

    LibreOffice 3.5.2 in MacOS (Intel) works perfecly, better than MS Word. Like it worked in Ubuntu before the upgrade.

    There are also other problems (like the frequent "errors from the system" notifications), but I+ll leave them to other posts and for bug reports.
    Linux Mint 17.3 running on my AMD A8-6600K desktop; .Ubuntu 15.10 running on a Intel i5 6200U @2.30 GHz laptop


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