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Thread: Odd MP3, WAV and FLAC Behaviour

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    Odd MP3, WAV and FLAC Behaviour

    I have been having problems playing back MP3 or FLAC files from numerous players.

    The problem is if I move my mouse, the sound gets jumpy and plays back with blips and frequency jumps...if I stop moving my mouse it works fine.

    This doesn't happen with AVI or DIVX playback...the audio is fine.

    I have actually also noticed it with WAV playback as well...

    It tends to happen more on longer songs...I don't notice it on short audio clips.

    If I re-install Ubuntu...everything is fine for a while then it starts happening again, without changing any installed software...

    I have tried manual removal and reinstallation of ALSA...thinking it was getting corrupted somehow and that's why a total OS reinstall helped...but that' wasn't it...

    Oh...everything works fine in Windows it's not a hardware issue...


    HP NC4000 Laptop
    Synaptics PS/2 Touchpad
    Radio ICP 350M Display
    Soundmax Integrated Audio

    Sound driver installed: ALI5451
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