I just did a fresh install of Hardy (64 bit) and I have an iPod classic (6th gen, I think? The most recent.) It won't eject. I'm using gtkpod to manage it, and, as with Gutsy, the ejecting my iPod with gtkpod writes the required changes to the iPod and seems to sync everything up okay, but the iPod itself never indicates that it's been ejected. But in Gutsy, I could just use "eject /media/IPOD" and the iPod itself would indicate that it was ejecting, so I just did that as a workaround. In Hardy, though, that doesn't work. The iPod is definitely being unmounted as far as my computer is concerned, but the iPod itself continues displaying its "connected, please eject me before you unplug me" message. I haven't noticed any problems resulting from unplugging it but it's a bit disconcerting. Does anyone know of a fix for this?