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Thread: The Ubuntu/Gnome Dark Theme mega thread

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    Re: The Ubuntu/Gnome Dark Theme mega thread

    Hi all,

    I love the Dark themes like Black Fate and Divirum, but unfortunately, I can not get it to work right with eclipse, my most used program. While eclipse looks phenomenal using Grey themes like Neutronium Gilouche and such, it looks very poor in themes like Dark Fate, just because the toolbar separators don't render correctly and the same is with the lines in between the frames (which are very clear in NG). Is there any possible workaround to this? I love DF too much to give up on it....

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    Quote Originally Posted by prasadz8 View Post
    You want black? Here's Audacious' GTK2 Theme!!
    I manage to get it out from my themes folder and I'm posting it on DeviantArt. Do check my other works too! Go Ubuntu.

    aud-Default DARK THEME is at this link.

    I give full credit to the creators of Audacious.
    Please follow the link for further details on installation instructions.
    Don't forget to visit my deviants too!!
    aud-Default is really a great theme! Thanks prasadz8 for your work. I have been using it for more than a year! It is probably one of the best I have seen! Certainly the one I like best. Of course I do like dark themes.


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