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Thread: [SOLVED] view commands inside terminal while using gui

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    Question [SOLVED] view commands inside terminal while using gui

    hi all,

    just wondering if there is a way to view what i am doing in the GUI w/the terminal. i.e., unrar (im new and it seems complicated to do via terminal).

    in simpler terms, i want to see the code for what I am currently doing with my mouse/desktop, etc.
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    Re: view commands inside terminal while using gui

    If I understand correctly, you want any GUI program to print the equivalent commands for whatever it's doing to the terminal output, so for example when extracting a file it'd print the equivalent command that extracts the file, well this can be a very easy way to learn the command-line but unfortunately it's not possible, what a program prints to the terminal output(called stdout, for standard output) is program dependent and is usually warning messages and error messages.
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