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Thread: Music playing issues.

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    Music playing issues.

    I can't play more then 1 song at once. Like say I want to watch a youtube video, and listen to a song. The one that I open second will freeze, or just won't play. I tried asking in IRC for help. One guy said to install terminatorX. I did that.. but then he never told me WHAT exactly to do with it. I still got the error.. iuno. Another guy said to put everything to ALSA settings. I did, still get the error.Thanks to the people who helped me in there, IndyGunFreak and fabz0r, and to anyone who helps me here.
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    Re: Music playing issues.

    I have no lockups, but I do face a problem of silence after a certain sequence of events. If I view a Flash object that has any sound, and later open an application that makes any sound, Flash 'took away' the sound from everything (so I reboot to get sound back). However, if I listen to a sound file, and leave the player open (even stopped or with an empty playlist, just as long as the application is never terminated) while listening to something Flash, I have no problem. I just make sure to open a music file first thing when I use the computer, and never close it. If I ever close that audio application and listen to audio in Flash, then nothing can make sound again.
    So this is what I suggest you try: reboot, and open some audio file. You can stop or pause it, so long as you do not quit the application. Now open some Flash, and then go back to that audio player that you left running, and I hope it continues making sound.

    Thats all I can suggest.
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