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Thread: go2PC - Video issue

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    go2PC - Video issue


    I am currently testing the go2PC (work) and have found a video problem.

    The Windows box runs at 800x640 and 1024x800... (these resolutions look wrong)
    The Edubuntu box runs at 800x480... (this looks like the right ratio) - this is the official resolution (from the site)

    The video chipset is 915gm (Intel) but none of the posts I have found here or on other forums (via Google search) have resulted in fixing the apparent limitation in Edubuntu's resolution.

    I would appear that the device is capable of 1024x600 and I am looking for two things:

    What are the actual supported screen resolutions?

    What must be done to enable those resolutions on Edubuntu?

    Thanks for any assistance given... I see this as an opportunity to get Linux 'in the door' at work, but I only want to recommend it if the experience is solid. Currently many of the applications launch and the bottom parts of them are 'off-screen'. Perhaps the real solution is a 'global' fix on how applications launch.
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