I have a strange problem, there are some long network delays when trying to access network resources (shared directories & printers). It does not occur all the time but randomly (they are getting more frequent).

I have 7 Windows 2003 servers in the environment and the problem appears to be happening on any of them (although I only have 1 file and print server so it is show most of the time on that one but shared resources I use on other servers are also affected)

When I go to open a network directory the system freezes for upto 40 seconds before displaying the list on files in the directory. I can see nothing which is caussing this but it is beginning to get annoying when users are navigating to open files. Also when I print there are delays showing the list of printers available.

Has anyone experienced a similar issue? Are there any tools I can use to investigate what is causing this as I have no clue as wo what is causing this. I have captured the packets using etehreal but cannot see where there are any roblems, all I can see is excessive checksum errors but do not know where to look to find out what is causing these.